Our development approach teaches the child to:

  • Fully complete their toilet training skills (no diapers or pull-ups; but previous toilet training experiences required before starting)

  • Practice to think in and "outside of the box"

  • Practice sophisticated speech-language skills

  • Practice social skills of leadership, respect & compassion

  • Know that their parents are their first teachers


A Cognitively Oriented Program

The Children's Center, Inc. provides a learning environment with an integrated day of creative activities that build cognitive, speech-language, social-emotional and motor skills


A Cognitively Oriented Curriculum is provided as the framework for children in which children are active both physically and mentally.  They plan and make decisions which enable them to develop abilities to seek out and organize information on their own.



The program embraces the belief of psychologist, Jean Piaget:


"When the active school requires that a student's effort come from the student himself instead of being imposed, and that intelligence undertake authentic work instead of accepting pre-digested knowledge from the outside, it is simply asking that the laws of all intelligence be respected."


The Children's Center, Inc. is:


  • Piaget derived curriculum (Child Development & child-oriented philosophy)

  • Qualified Loving Staff

  • Low pupil:teacher ratio

  • Excursions

  • Breakfast, hot lunch & PM snack included in the tuition

  • Minutes from Downtown & Hospitals

  • Open all year

  • 6:30am to 5:30pm

  • Part-Time now available